About Our Services

PML Project Management, Inc. (PML) utilizes the experience of Phil LaClaire and their associates to offer all, or any needed portion of the following Project Management and Owner’s Representative services to building project Owners, Lenders, Architects, Builders and Attorneys. (These services are outlined below according to project phases for clarity.)

PLANNING PHASE: PML can join the Owner’s project team of decision makers to inform them of industry standard practice, design and construction processes, risk assessment and management, budgeting, and scheduling. We can prepare an RFP for architectural and engineering services required for a successful project. PML will guide the Owner through the development process to make certain the Owner is well aware of the necessary direction, decisions, milestones, and the nuances of the marketplace which they face when considering a new real estate development project.

It is common to have Owner’s call upon PML after they have started developing the concept design and are far down the path of planning the project. Once engaged in a project, Owner’s often discover the many joys and the pitfalls of managing a construction project. PML has been managing the design and construction process on commercial and institutional projects for over 30 years and is well aware that the best projects result from the best planning. The earlier PML is brought on board the easier it is to develop a successful project.


DESIGN PHASE: During the Design Phases of Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Document PML will act as the representative of the project Owner on the project team for all matters pertaining to the design and construction of the proposed project. This Design Phase will usually require that PML provide the following services;

·      Introduce the design team to any of the project Owner’s design related guidelines or parameters necessary for their use of the building. PML will then make sure that the design team includes these necessary elements in the design of the facilities.

·      Assist the building end users in communicating to the design team their programmatic needs for this project. Architects and Engineers are trained to do just this, however, many times the added observation and liaison of PML prompts questions and discussion that results in a more thorough study of the Owner’s needs.

·      Advise the project Owner’s legal counsel in the preparation of the design team contract based on many years of experience negotiating and executing design and construction contracts.

·      PML will prepare, manage, and monitor the project budget (in concert with the project Owner). Oftentimes an experienced forecast of project cash flow will save interest expense, or gain interest advantage relating to the funding of the project.

·      Attend periodic meetings with the project team to monitor the progress of the design process. A report of the status of the design will be offered after each meeting if desired. PML necessarily holds both the design team and the project Owner’s end user team responsible for keeping milestones for decision making. A project kept on task is of great advantage to all parties. All of the team wins this way.

·      Develop a project schedule using the design teams’ schedule and the Project Owner scheduling goals and constraints;

·      Review and comment on the construction cost estimate prepared by the design team. Without the watchful eye of an industry professional who has developed and kept many construction estimates/budgets, the project Owner is left to assume that the architect’s estimating team is within a margin of error. Most estimators engaged by the project architect are very good at their job. They are, however, human, prone to errors, and forced to make many assumptions regarding cost implicating elements of the design. By the time the architects estimator has had an opportunity to fully vet the design, developed a full understanding of the design, and fine tuned their estimate accordingly, the project Owner is well on the way to being entirely committed to the project whether in budget or not.

·      Acquire a construction cost estimate from a Builder experienced in design and construction requirements. This check estimate many times proves to be the rude awakening moment on the project, that time when all parties are forced to face the reality of the design wish list that had been directing the team prior to the check estimate. PML will prepare an RFP and orchestrate the project Owner’s choice of estimators and pre-construction service providers. (PML can also offer pre-construction services if appropriate, but generally, a CM firm is utilized for that work.)

·      Provide management and coordination of various studies as required by the Project Owner to inform design phase decisions.

·      Engage and coordinate the services of other consultants the project may require such as geotechnical engineers, building performance specialists, acoustical engineers, landscape consultants, surveyor, geotechnical investigative drilling, third party commissioning, etc.

·      Assist the Project Owner during the permit acquisition in their interaction with the city Planning and Zoning Department. This relationship with the city is managed by the project Owner. PML will provide whatever liaison and technical assistance requested by the project Owner within the confines of PML’s expertise. This will likely include attendance of planning board and zoning board meetings, code review meetings, planning, zoning, public works, water district, and fire department departmental meetings, etc., at which PML will represent the Project Owner on matters pertaining to this project. The design team is engaged to provide permit acquisition services. PML simply provides whatever ancillary support needed.


BID PHASE: PML suggests that all available Project Delivery Systems be considered. PML is pleased to advise the project Owner on the choice of Project Delivery System and will manage whatever system is determined to best suit the Project Owner’s interest in this project.

·      Work with the Project Owner and the design team to develop a list of potential Builders for the projects.

·      Represent the Project Owner at all pre-proposal meetings.

·      Review all proposals with the Project Owner and the design team to ascertain the proposal most responsive to the Project Owner’s needs.

·      Recommend construction contract award and negotiate the terms and conditions of that contract as the Project Owner’s representative. The review of the terms and conditions will be done in concert with the Project Owner and their legal counsel.


CONSTRUCTION PHASE: PML will represent the Project Owner in all matters pertaining to the construction of this project including but not necessarily limited to;

·      Maintain a project file of all pertinent correspondence and documentation. This file will be archived at the Project Owner at the conclusion of the project.

·      Coordinating inspection and testing requirements;

·      Reviewing and recommending approval of payment requisitions by the Builder; The project architect will provide the first review and certification of the requisitions issued by the Builder. The architect and PML often review the pay requisition together to make certain all parties agree on the rightful cash flow of the project as dictated by the contract terms. Prompt payment for services to both the design team and the Builder’s team are essential for a successful project.

·      Review and recommend revision or approval of contract change orders. This task is done in concert with the architect similar to the requisitioning process mentioned above. The Project Owner’s budget is subject to the control of the change order process. A successful project depends on treating the Project Owner and the Builder fairly as changes in conditions and needs arise. PML represents the project Owner in those discussions and negotiations.

·      Manage the project budget in concert with the Project Owner.

·      Monitor the construction status and report to the project Owner regularly.

·      Coordinate Project Owner purchased services and equipment with the suppliers and vendors chosen by the Project Owner.

·      PML will act as the liaison between the Builder’s team and the Project Owner’s staff that are authorized to participate in the management of the project.

·      Coordinate project close out documentation and occupancy by the Project Owner. The Builder is generally required to obtain the occupancy permit, but it is often helpful to include PML in the process of readying the new facility for the project Owner’s occupancy. 

·      PML will attend weekly meetings at the site to confirm that the interests of the Project Owner are being satisfied in the construction of the new facilities.