McCulloch Hall

at Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire

Phil owes his first introduction to Dartmouth College due to the scheduling challenges presenting themselves to the Facilities Planning Office (FPO), now named The Office of Planning Design & Construction. Forty year Dartmouth veteran Gordy DeWitt was the director of that office at the time, with Reed Bergwall at his right hand managing the major capital projects.

As development at the college began to increase past the capacity that Reed could handle effectively, he was introduced to PML Project Management. By outsourcing this proposed project at the East Wheelock Cluster residence halls to PML, FPO was able to maintain the quality level that bespeaks Dartmouth College, keep the tough schedules that the academic calendar demands, and satisfy the required capital improvement plans that the school was engaged in.

Atkins Olshin Lawson-Bell Architects from Philadelphia designed this 80 bed residence hall, the coveted place to be at the east end of the campus.

North Branch Construction from Concord, New Hampshire performed in their exemplary manner, meeting the schedule, keeping below the budget, and providing the quality level Dartmouth demands of itsí project teams. This is a project the entire team is proud to tout our involvement in.

A noteworthy accomplishment realized on the McCulloch Hall project, one that is seldom noticed by those outside the construction industry, PML worked closely with Vermont Inspection Services to share the construction monitoring responsibility, thereby saving the college 2/3 of the inspection service cost.