Apothecary by Design

Portland, Maine

A small group of entrepreneurs and pharmacists had enjoyed years of successful practice in Portland, Maine prior to the influx of the big box pharmacies. The market has, for a time, reeled under the fierce competition of these gargantuan pharmacies. The smaller pharmacies, however, provide to the health care marketplace a service which the mega-stores cannot provide; custom tailored prescription drugs that are fine tuned to serve the exacting needs of individual doctors and patients. Apothecary by Design was born to satisfy that need.

When Intermed decided to locate their diversified medical practices at 84 Marginal Way, Portland, Maine, the folks that make up Apothecary by Design saw an ideal opportunity to serve their clientele well from a building whose anchor tenant was already focused on the same mission of providing the highest quality medical care and service available. This is a match made in heaven!

Apothecary by Design (AbD) then approached PML Project Management, Inc to manage the tenant fit up contracts for their new found 84 Marginal Way location. AbD needed an experienced project manager that could understand the relationships between the Architect of the core/shell team, the Builder of the core/shell, the designer of the pharmacy retail space, the specialty pharmacy fixture supplier, and the tenant fit-up Builder. They had decided to seek a design/build contract with PM Construction (no relation to PML Project Management, Inc), and they needed someone who knew the industry delivery process as well as AbD knows pharmaceuticals. A design/build contract was established with PM using Grant-Hayes Architects to design this state-of-the-art pharmacy, and PML was asked to manage the process for AbD.

The budgets involved were established to coordinate with the lease agreements signed by the tenants and landlord, the design and construction contracts of both the core/shell and the tenant fit-up projects, and the fixture suppliers’ purchase orders.

Scheduling of the various contractors, architects, and suppliers proved to be a notable challenge to AbD, which challenge they met with great success, due in large part to their own commitment to this new venture. PML was instrumental as the conductor orchestrating these various interests and competing schedules.

The project was completed on time, within budget, and with an obvious level of quality befitting Apothecary by Design’s commitment to quality health care and service.